About Our Organization

Welcome to the Rural Michigan Action Alliance. At the heart of our existence is the belief in unifying individuals to champion a government that serves everyone. Our mission is to strive to inspire change, growth, and community betterment throughout rural Michigan via education, engagement, and proactive endeavors.

Our vision? To empower every rural Michigander with a resonating voice across all government levels, ensuring our communities are endowed with equitable resources. This enables us not only to live healthily and securely but also to be dynamic contributors to our cherished American democracy.

Farmland in Rural Michigan

We are Driven by Purpose

We are dedicated to enhancing the social welfare of Michigan’s rural communities. Our mission encompasses various facets: We champion economic growth and job opportunities, prioritize fostering collaboration and the spirit of community building, and ardently support the development of leaders.Further, we take the initiative in conducting research on prevailing public issues and extend education on those matters, including legislation, ballot questions, and candidate stances—ensuring that our educational efforts remain impartial and do not advocate for or against specific candidates.

Our commitment to transparent communication focuses on crafting and sharing factual and compelling messages. Our endeavors also extend to magnifying voter registration, ensuring robust voting access, and bolstering voter turnout, all while maintaining a neutral position on candidate elections. The strength of our interpersonal communication techniques aids in establishing deep-rooted relationships, and we consistently advocate for both legislation and ballot measures that resonate with and further the interests of our rural communities.

Our Goals

  • Protect land, air, and water.
  • Develop businesses with livable wages.
  • Ensure local affordable health care.
  • Expand energy-efficient housing.
  • Support top-tier public education.
  • Enhance public transportation.
  • Guarantee voting access.
  • Promote renewable energy.
  • Advocate for government transparency.

Our Values

  • Shared Prosperity.
  • Equity and Inclusion.
  • Transparency and Integrity.
  • Government for the People
    (Promoting healthy families, communities, and environment).
  • Freedom, Justice, and Opportunity for All.

Our Leadership Team