As a graduate of MSU, Cathy taught elementary students and later worked with teachers to develop engaging curriculum and teaching methods. Working for the HighScope Foundation, Cathy’s work took her to many schools where she observed the huge inequities in education for children living in poverty, including many Native American reservations.

Cathy was also an entrepreneur; founding an accredited child care center and assisting businesses in opening on-site centers for their employees. Cathy also owned a “learning store” in Grand Rapids for 30 years.

Due to her life experiences and the state of our country, Cathy decided to run for Congress and was the Democratic nominee for Michigan’s 3rd District in 2018. She lost to incumbent, Justin Amash with 43% of the vote. Cathy also ran for the 104th state House seat in 2022 and received 37% of the vote. Cathy is the Chair of the Rural Caucus (2019-present) and believes that the best way to achieve unity in our communities is to work to bring people together based on our common values.

Cathy and her husband, Rick, live on a small farm in Bellaire in northern Michigan and have 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren.